Supporting the next generation

Dentistry has come far in 2020. Even though we are still a long way from what might be considered ‘normal’, we are getting back to more routine patient care.

The new technologies and protocols adopted mean that everyone has experienced change, as well as the challenges that come with it. At Rodericks Dental, we commit to alleviating these difficulties wherever we can. With this in mind, we considered how we should be supporting the next generation of those who have just completed their FD training (FD + 1’s).

The impact of lockdown on FD+1’s

Between lockdown and the various restrictions implemented once practices reopened, FDs’ learning will have been affected. Muhammad Jasat, Clinical Support Lead for FD +1, discusses how they may have been impacted:

“Even under ‘normal’ circumstances, it’s hard enough transitioning from a FD to an associate. However, for FDs this past year, lockdown meant they didn’t see the numbers of patients that they would otherwise have seen. At Rodericks, we felt that these newly qualified dentists would be particularly anxious. As such, we wanted to help them gain the valuable experience they needed to treat their patients safely and confidently.”

Extra support

So, how did Rodericks respond? Sharing what the group has done for its FD+1s, Mo continues:

“I can confidently say that the dentists who have joined us since competing their foundation training have shown nothing but enthusiasm and resilience. To help them, we have adopted a structure that focusses on support and development. All FD+1s have been assigned a clinical support lead, who they can contact at any time. They can also join regularly scheduled remote calls. Topics covered in these remote calls are decided by the FD+1s. Consequently, the conversation ranges from clinical issues to discussing career pathways. We like to keep an open and relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions. We have also organised complimentary hands-on study days in a clinical skills suite to allow the FD+1s to refine clinical preparations and techniques.”

Cultivating talent and maintaining momentum

Supporting the next generation of dentists in this way is important to Rodericks. We believe in creating the best possible environment for everyone to learn and develop. This applies to all individuals, whether they are at the beginning of their careers or several years down the line. Mo adds:

“Newly qualified dentists join with new ideas and enthusiasm. As such, they enable us to advance with the times and ensure we don’t get set in our ways. We take an interest in their ideas and aspirations, as they will provide the care that patients need for many years to come. We offer support wherever and whenever we can to help clinicians realise and achieve their potential.”

This is just one way in which Rodericks aims to support its clinicians. To find out more, speak to your practice manager or our Head Office team.

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