Supporting Our Clinicians

Supporting our clinicians in every way

Dealing with the impact of COVID-19 has been a difficult time for many people across the dental profession. As we establish a new routine and return to caring for our patients, there are still many challenges on the horizon. Not least of these is how we deal with both team and patient anxieties about returning to practice. What do you say to patients who are concerned about visiting for an appointment? How do you interact with colleagues to maintain both camaraderie and social distancing?

Communication is key

At Rodericks Dental, we want to support all our practice team members as much as possible. Throughout the pandemic so far, we have ensured constant and informative communication with all our practices across England and Wales. We have remained on top of the very latest regulations and recommendations as they have been introduced. Our priority was to offer relevant information and guidance that our practices and clinicians needed to comply with the rules in their areas. Much worry can be caused by misinformation or a lack of clarity. We managed to combat both of these concerns, ensuring our clinicians can return with confidence.


We continue to advocate for teamwork across Rodericks Dental. This applies from the operational and technical teams at Head Office, to the practice managers, dentists, dental nurses and receptionists on the ground. This has not changed. We are of proud of the way that everyone has pulled together. In doing so, we have ensured that our patients receive the essential care they need, despite the rapidly changing situation. The continuous selfless dedication among our teams to maintaining the very highest clinical standards shows what we are all about. It also demonstrates our ethos of clinically-led dentistry.

Patient management

As part of the additional support available to our clinicians, we have also looked to help communication with patients. We understand it can be difficult to put patients’ minds at ease when there is so much going on. We also appreciate that clinicians have many pressures on their time, so it can be challenging to develop your own protocols for addressing patient concerns. That’s why we created materials and processes specifically to support our clinicians’ interaction with patients. A video and leaflets were produced, as well as direct patient communications, with clear guidelines on what patients should expect, how they can help adhere to the extra safety measures and why all this is necessary. It takes some of the stress out of the conversation and supports our clinicians in their quest for excellent patient care.

Lean on us

These are just some of the new ways we are supporting our clinicians through the pandemic. However, assistance is still available through our previous routes as well. For example, our central Clinical Advisors are on hand to help with any clinical queries. Our management team are here to aid administrative tasks where needed. There is always someone to provide the information, advice or reassurance needed to continue caring for patients safely and effectively. We have also been able to use video technology more frequently to educate our teams, allay any fears or simply meet our teams for a catch up.

Ultimately, we are here to help our teams through what will continue to be a difficult and changing time as we head into the winter months. Whether you have questions, need extra support or have an idea about something new that might benefit you and your colleagues, we are listening!


Cathie Brady

Chief Clinical Officer, Rodericks Dental

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