Tooth Straightening Options for Children and Adults

Braces are used to improve the position and function of crooked teeth and of course to improve their appearance. There are a wide range of braces available, but the most common systems use wires that gently move the teeth into a more natural position.

If your child’s teeth appear to be developing out of line, your dentist may make a referral to an orthodontist. He or she will examine your child’s teeth and jaw and complete an assessment to identify if they qualify for NHS treatment.

NHS orthodontic treatment is currently only available to children. However, private options are available for adults as well as children, and there are a number of wire and clear-brace systems to suit varying needs. Less severe cases may be treated with a removable brace, but most commonly a fixed brace is required and has to be worn for a significant period of time to achieve the desired result.

Good oral hygiene is particularly important to make sure the teeth remain strong and healthy whilst the brace is in place. Your orthodontist or hygienist will provide appropriate oral care advice.