Do you want to avoid a tooth extraction?

You may be suitable for root canal therapy. When a cavity is large and extends into the inner part of the tooth, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy (referred to as endodontic treatment).

Teeth with cavities close or into the nerve of the tooth can become extremely painful. This initial pain is caused by bacteria affecting the nerve of the tooth. Left untreated, these bacteria can often lead to an infection (an abscess) forming within the tooth and its surrounding bone and gum. In these cases, a root canal treatment would be required to save the tooth and avoid the need for an extraction.

Once the root filling is completed, the tooth is restored using a filling onlay or crown, depending on your individual preferences, the condition of the tooth and the level of restoration required.

Your dentist will be able to discuss the problems relating to your tooth and let you know what treatment you require. Options include treatment with your dentist or with a specialist, depending on the complexity of treatment. You will be given all the appropriate options, including private and NHS treatment.