Why We’re Different


We understand what dentists do and what they go through leading up to the ownership of their practice. You are immensely proud of your achievements but business takes so much of your time.

Our Personal Touch

Our board of directors are mainly dentists, just like you. We understand dentistry and the important task of running practices and we understand what it is to be a dentist delivering care.

Our structure and our stability have given us the confidence to grow our estate of practices. If you are considering selling your practice we don’t just want to buy it, we want to give so much more – we want to build on your legacy. Our team will take care of you and provide bespoke support based on your individual needs.

Our Ethos

With 20% of our practices providing FD training, this supports our attitude to training and personal development and is the same throughout the organisation. We develop our teams to be successful and to create new opportunities and we do the same with our practices.

Providing high quality dental care, putting the needs of our patients first.

From the support provided by our Operations Team to our Central Support Centre, the recurring message is simple – we take care of business so that you can take care of your patients.

Your Legacy

Honouring and building upon your legacy are essential ingredients for our 11future success so we want you to be involved and we work with you to really understand your patients’ needs and expectations. We listen to you, find out what works and what does not. Maybe there is a service that you now would have worked at the practice but you never had time to implement it? We can help fulfil your ambitions for the practice without the concerns of day-to-day business needs.

So we want to care for your legacy, your patients and your team. Anything else goes against our approach to the business of dentistry.

We take a lot of pride in our practices and their individuality and we’ll do the same for you.

Your Options

Selling your practice does not have to be dictated by the buyer. Whatever you want to do, talk to us and we can have a look at your options.

When we say our approach to buying practices is bespoke to the seller we really mean it. Whatever your needs and aspirations we may be able to help. Call us and let us know what you are looking for now and in the future and let us see how we can help.


  • We WILL NOT CHIP AWAY at the price we offer you.
  • We PROVIDE HANDS ON SUPPORT during the transition and ensure your team know they are valued.
  • We BUILD ON YOUR LEGACY. We want to bring you and your team along for the journey.

In addition we welcome any potential sellers to visit Rodericks practices (by appointment) to take a look around, meet members of our team, or perhaps visit a practice where the team have been on a similar transition.

*If you use a legal representative either recommended by Rodericks or with strong dental sale experience and a commitment to adhere to our structured process.


“I would like an outright sale...”
We can purchase 100% of your business. We welcome the opportunity to retain the services of selling dentists too. So if you want to remove yourself completely from the business and compliance management part of practice ownership, this might be the ideal option for you.
“I would like to go into partnership...”
We buy a percentage of your business and take all the compliance and day-to-day management of the practice over, allowing you to focus on your patients but whilst retaining a share of your dental business.
“I would like a phased sale...”
Perhaps you want to make plans to retire from dentistry in a number of months or years? We are happy to discuss the opportunity to enter into partnership with you, increasing our share of the business over a number of months or years.