Sell My Practice


We understand that the process of selling a dental practice can be long-winded and stressful. When you think ‘I want to sell my dental practice’ that it can be an overwhelming thought.

We at Rodericks have invested significant time into refining our processes, making it as easy as possible for the seller.

We follow a simple 10-step process:

1. WE MEET WITH YOU and discuss your needs and aspirations, learn about your practice and your most valuable asset, the practice team.

2. WE LOOK TO ACHIEVE AN AGREEMENT that meets your expectations 10requirements not just financially, but emotionally.

3. WE ENGAGE WITH YOUR SOLICITOR and inform them of our process to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction.

4. WE AGREE HEADS OF TERMS with you. We always negotiate, never dictate.

5. WE PROVIDE A DEDICATED CONTACT for any queries or help you need, any day, any time.

6. WE ISSUE A LIST OF ALL INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR LEGAL DUE-DILIGENCE and (if you wish) our acquisitions co-ordinator visits at time convenient to you to help you assemble the documentation required.

7. WE WILL SEND ANY RESULTING QUERIES TO YOU, after receiving complete legal due diligence, SUPPORTING YOU ALONG THE WAY if you need any help.

8. OUR INTEGRATION MANAGER WILL VISIT YOUR TEAM, on your approval,1 to introduce them to Rodericks and answer any questions they may have.

9. We will prepare our internal teams to WELCOME AND SUPPORT YOU with a seamless transition.

10. Our INTEGRATION MANAGER WILL SPEND SIX WEEKS AT THE PRACTICE (post-acquisition), getting to know your team and ensuring a SMOOTH TRANSITION into the Rodericks Family.

You will receive support from a dedicated team who are focused on achieving an excellent transition process that has your interests at the heart of everything we do.

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