Q. How long will the sale take?

A. Once Heads of Terms are signed, completion can be as quick as 12 weeks. The timeframe for completion depends on how quickly the due diligence can be collated, CQC compliance and based on no other ‘legal’ issues arising.

Q. Will patient care continue the same?

A. Patient care is at the heart of Rodericks ethos. Not continuing to deliver excellent patient care would go against what we are passionate about. We strive to deliver the best care and will continue to build on the hard work already established in the practice; respecting your legacy.

Q. Will my staff lose their jobs?

A. We know that the staff that have helped you build the business are a vital ingredient to its success. We want to continue providing the same services with the same members of staff that your patients know and trust. Your staff are part of the goodwill of your practice and Rodericks want to work with them to support and develop their careers.

Q. When should I tell my staff about the sale?

A. In order to give staff the chance to adjust to the change and to learn about Rodericks, we would recommend sellers hold a staff meeting a couple of weeks into the due-diligence process. The change can be a worrying time for all, so upon telling the staff, our Senior HR Advisor, Acquisitions Manager and Integrations Manager will be on hand to visit the staff and associates to introduce them to Rodericks. This gives time for staff to ask questions and queries to be answered and can help to put minds at ease. Ultimately, we will work with you to help support you as you go through this process.

Q. Who will take over the day-to-day running of the business?

A. The Practice Manager would take care of the day-to-day needs and provide support to the team. The Practice Manager would in turn be supported by a dedicated Area Manager and a support infrastructure of caring professionals at our support centre who will be on hand to take care of all your business needs.

Q. Will staff holiday, pay, hours or other contract terms be affected?

A. On completion, we can offer staff a new Rodericks contract, but also keep existing contracts in place if this is preferred. If a staff member would like to increase their hours, take on more responsibility or take a new career path, then Rodericks will discuss this directly with them. Many of our acquisitions have seen existing dental nurses develop into exceptional practice managers. With Rodericks, the opportunity to develop is ever present.

Q. Will staff pay dates be changed?

A. We pay our employed staff on the last business day of each month, Associates are paid on the 14th of each month.

Q. Will new staff be employed for the practice?

A. Unless staff wish to leave or the practice requires recruitment of existing job roles, we will not look to take on new employees.

Q. What benefits will my staff see from the sale?

A. We look to be proactive on developing staff and Associates, supporting them to be the best they can be by recognising where talent lies and providing a variety of career opportunities both in the field and within our support centre.  In addition, our support centre of professionals means that we can provide daily support on IT, Facilities and financial issues. This incredible resource functions to help practices spend more time delivery excellent patient care than spend time liaising with companies to repair equipment or fix issues that can prevent the practice running smoothly.

Q. What benefits will my patients see from the sale?

A. From the offset, Rodericks look to continue delivering excellent patient care and resume normal service at the practice. Where overtime (and where possible), we look to expand the services offered to patient to provide longer opening hours, more private treatments and improved facilities.

Q. Will the practice layout and interior be changed?

A. Rodericks look to buy practices that fit in with our ethics and beliefs. If we look to acquire your dental practice, it is because we believe it shares the same views as our own. Changes will only happen where we believe we can add value to the practice and your staff.

Q. Will new procedures and policies be introduced into the practice?

A. At Rodericks we have a concise policies and procedures and would expect these to help to guide your practice in the future.

Q. Will our computer software be changed?

A. We run our dental practices off SOE, if your practice differs from this software, where plausible we would look to wait for the right time to change your current software to be in line with our entire estate. If your software is changed, Rodericks will provide full and in-depth training to all staff members and Associates to ensure that the change is as smooth and refined as possible.

Q. Will we be required to take on more patients?

A. Rodericks are committed to providing NHS Dental services in areas of high need. If a demand arises, we would look at whether we could extend the dental practice opening hours, create more associate vacancies and extend the services we provide. We would also look at the current productivity of the practice and where productivity could be improved, assist by providing staff training and IT support.