Corporate Social Responsibility

At Rodericks, we believe our responsibility extends far beyond our practices to the communities we serve and the environment we enjoy.

Our board of directors is charged with ensuring the company as a whole is operating responsibly and ethically whilst sustaining a healthy financial position. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is considered in every major decision.

The Rodericks reputation is built on the delivery of quality dental care to every patient. CSR is integral to that delivery and is embedded into every aspect of our business – it is demonstrated every day in our dental practices.

Over the last 5 years, we have opened many new practices and made a number of acquisitions too. We have created numerous job opportunities launching our people into new careers.

We believe our commitment to the personal development of all our team members is reflected in their commitment to our patients. ‘We look after the team; the team looks after you.’

If you are a not-for profit organisation with a mission to increase awareness of oral health care and you feel Rodericks could work in partnership with you to help reach that goal, please get in contact with our Marketing Team via our contact us form. We would be very interested to hear from you.