Rodericks reaches 100 practices!

Rodericks reaches 100 practices!

Rodericks has long been committed to improving access to high quality dental care for people across England and Wales. In our quest to achieve this, we are delighted to have reached 100 practices, making us the 4th largest dental group in the UK!

The latest teams to have joined the group and helped us reach this milestone are:

  • Windsor Dental in Hulme
  • Windsor Dental in Salford
  • Mexborough Dental Practice
  • Beeston Dental Practice

A look back

Shalin Mehra, Steve Brooks and Doug Robertson started out as a partnership. Alpesh Khetia joined them in 2002, where they then incorporated into Rodericks in 2005. They steadily grew the business together, with Carlos Clark joining in 2009, establishing new locations according to need in the local communities. Find out more about the history of Rodericks.

Over the years, Rodericks has developed a reputation as a patient-centred dental provider, always putting excellent clinical care first. The group has also become known for its emphasis on professional education and its ambition to help staff progress in their careers. Internal CPD courses are provided for all members of the team. Significant discounts are available on external training opportunities to ensure everyone can develop their knowledge and skills.

A comment from the Chairman

Shalin Mehra, Chairman of Rodericks, commented:

“We are proud to have come so far as a provider of high-quality dental care. When we started out, we had no idea we would grow this much. However, we are proud to have maintained the same ethos and values throughout.

“Everything we do is in the best interests of our patients. Our commitment is to the highest standards of care. To achieve this, we train and support our professional teams as much as we possibly can. We want them to enjoy what they do and to fulfil their job roles to the very best of their abilities.

“It is exciting to have reached 100 practices. We have done this organically, welcoming practices that share our passion and dedication for excellence. It has allowed us to bring high quality dental services within the reach of more people across England and Wales. We look forward to continuing this for the future.

“I would like to thank all the individuals and teams in practices and in head office for their continued hard work and commitment to our goals and our business. Our achievements are only possible because of you.”

Beyond 100

In addition to reaching 100 practices, we are delighted to now have the largest training practice in the North West of England. This demonstrates our on-going commitment to professional training and our ethos of supporting professionals through their development.

Looking ahead, we are set to carry on growing as we welcome new practices to the group. We aim to do this while keeping the same family-feel that we have become known for. Our priority will always be our patients. We will also continue to support our professionals and ensure opportunities for personal growth and career development. The future is definitely bright for Rodericks!


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