Putting mental health in the spotlight

It is important for everyone to focus on their mental health, to make time for themselves and their mental wellbeing. This pandemic has stretched us to our limits, so we can all see how important it is to find strategies that work for us. To be able to care for others, you have to take care of yourself. Therefore, we have to be aware and alert, putting mental health in the spotlight if we are to continue supporting patients and colleagues.


Get talking

As everyone has different personal circumstances, one of the best solutions people can use is talking. It might be cliché, but a problem shared is a problem halved. Even if solutions can’t be found immediately, speaking about them can help people realise they are not alone in their feelings. This can also be a great way of discovering new coping strategies, as well as gaining support and inspiration. In addition, it strengthens working relationships and friendships between colleagues, creating a support network now and for the future.

At Rodericks Dental, the wellbeing of our people is a priority at any time, but we have focused on it even more during the pandemic. Teams across our practices and support centre are very close. Plus, our culture is non-hierarchical and open, so we utilise those relationships to support each other.

Sharing information and support

The wellbeing of our operational, management and practice teams has been central to conversations. Consequently, we have shared links to support networks or useful apps and encouraged everyone to tell their stories. We remain engaged, here for you and happy to listen and support you in any way we can. We also make use of tools like MindMap. This offers valuable information on a wide range of health topics and enabling everyone to interact and support each other.

Our confidential, free Employee Assistance Programme has also been appreciated by our people, which is available for employees and their family members if they want to use it. Furthermore, we have been running wellbeing blogs on our intranet and highlighting initiatives relevant to our business, our people and the wider NHS. Included are important links, relevant discounts, appropriate training opportunities and stories from our people included.

Most recently, we presented “Time to Talk”, associated with the NHS, focused on raising awareness about mental health. This was accompanied by a video call with a panel of employees from HR, operations and facilities, as well as a quiz about mental health myths. This sparked some great conversations. It also led to a Q&A for people to speak openly about coping mechanisms, approaches to supporting others and their own mental health struggles. Everyone who took part got so much out of it and felt uplifted – it is something we will repeat.

A culture and way of life

For me, a business culture is everything. Ultimately, it will be one of the biggest reasons why you stay with a dental provider in the long-term. What we have at Rodericks is so unique – it’s a family within a growing business and that’s hard to come by. When it comes to talking about wellbeing and mental health, we know our biggest challenge is making sure every one on the front line knows we are here for them, ready to listen and help however we can. We will keep putting mental health in the spotlight and the door will always be open.

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Jenna Hartley, Head of HR, Rodericks Dental

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