Dentistry might not be back to normal – but it is back

Dentistry is back, but not back to normal just yet!

It is great to be back. There is a new normal and many things have changed, but we are back in practices and back to caring for our patients. I would like to start by highlighting just how amazing everyone throughout Rodericks has been. Everyone has been incredible in how they’ve adapted to work in different ways. There has been an immense amount of learning and it has been astounding to watch our teams embrace change and step up in such difficult times. As such, I would like to say a massive thank you to all our staff and practice team members.

Shalin Mehra – BDS DGDP (UK) FIoD. Founder, Chairman

Patients are still #1

Despite all the changes, we have stayed committed to excellent patient care throughout. We have also done everything in our power to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our patients. Consequently, our patients have remained at the centre of everything we’ve done. This was only made possible thanks to the further enhanced teamwork between our staff and teams. All have pulled together to share responsibilities fairly. The agility and flexibility of our teams was a great benefit as we adjusted to the new world.


One of the biggest differences in the way we work has been regarding our communication. We have keenly adopted technologies that allow virtual engagement with our colleagues to ensure that we can share information and guidance quickly and effectively. These platforms also enable interaction, unlike emails, so questions can be asked and communication enriched. It’s not a substitute for face-to-face meetings, but it has been phenomenal at a time when physical engagement has been almost impossible. We have also utilised some remote technologies for virtual triaging and communication with patients. This allows us to keep them updated with what’s happening, what the latest government announcements mean for their dental care and how we can continue to support them.

Industry impact

This is just one example of how dentistry will never be the same again – for us and for the wider profession. The technology, the triaging, the new methods of communication – it’s all here to stay. The pandemic has accelerated evolution of the profession significantly. What we might have introduced over the next 5 years, is suddenly all available and ready to use today. You have to take positives wherever you can in the face of adversity and this is one.

As we look ahead, I think we will need to continue working closely with the NHS and the CDO. We need to remain abreast of new measures as they are implemented, including changes to fallow time and SOPs. Any major further changes will likely only come with the roll-out of a successful and timely vaccination programme.

In the longer-term, we will be advancing and refining the protocols and equipment in place. This will help to future-proof the profession and protect it from whatever the next few years might hold.

Protecting what makes us, us

We want to keep our culture, to maintain and protect what makes us different. We do this by keeping patients at the centre of everything we do, while also ensuring the wellbeing of our staff. Thank you again to everyone who has helped us maintain our clinically-led culture.


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