Why Us?

Dentistry is and remains clinical. We understand this and we believe in delivering high quality care to every patient. Every person you come into contact with, from Rodericks is with us for the journey because they share our beliefs.

We’re different… We are a clinically led, clinically-minded group. Our Directors have many years of clinical experience and a passion for providing patient care and giving patients informed choice about their treatment. They have through their careers, been involved in Foundation Training as trainers, Training Programme Directors and Associate Dean. Today, over 20% of our practices are FD training practices which underpins our commitment to helping the next generation of Dentists in their important first steps in dentistry.

We are passionate about helping our Dentists set out their career pathway and fulfil their ambitions with us. We deliver hundreds of hours of training to Dentists every year through our CPD Program and we have a network of trainers dedicated to developing our support staff locally, so that they can provide the support you need to deliver care to patients.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing our Dentists with training options to post-graduate education and personal development opportunities through our CPD programme. You can achieve your career goals with Rodericks in the knowledge that we are always available to support you and we are committed to helping you realise your career goals.

We don’t just talk about careers; we deliver career opportunities. We never forget our patients and we keep “clinical” at the heart of everything we do.

If you want to work with a group that values you, a group that cares about you, a group that wants to help you build a career pathway and fulfil your ambitions, join Rodericks.