Career opportunities for dental nurses

What are the career opportunities for dental nurses?

Traditionally, many dental nurses have been unsure about the career pathways available. It is not always clear how they might adapt their skills and transfer them to different roles. More recently, the pandemic has also raised additional challenges that will have taken the spotlight off personal development.

Choosing a career pathway

There are various factors to creating a new career pathway. Therefore, it is essential to research the options out there and to really understand the career opportunities for dental nurses available. Do you want to advance your clinical skills? Or are you considering a new role in management or operations? Would you like to become Head Dental Nurse for our practice? Or perhaps you’re interested in training and mentoring colleagues?

Identify what you enjoy most in your current job to know what new role would suit you best. This could reveal a passion for implantology or facial aesthetics. It might highlight your talent for managing colleagues. From here, consider how you could develop your role to do more of what you love. You can then seek training courses or speak to colleagues for inspiration. Their first-hand accounts will be invaluable when choosing your next steps and reaching your goals. In addition, speak with your practice manager about what could be available to you.

Getting the right support

It is essential that you have the right support. This could include help at home to rearrange childcare or other commitments. It might also mean encouragement at work with colleagues willing to cover work that you need assistance with.

At Rodericks, we have a huge amount of success with our career pathways. Colleagues are open about the opportunities they had and happy to share with others. Dental nurses can speak to their practice managers to design a development plan specifically to help them fulfil their career ambitions. From trainee and apprentice dental nurses supported through their qualification and GDC registration, to those looking for postgraduate courses in additional skills like fluoride application, oral health and impression taking, we are here for them. We are also accredited to deliver training in dental radiography.

In addition, we have seen many dental nurses progress into a variety of other roles> These include lead dental nurses, dental hygienists, therapists, practice managers, area support managers, clinical and compliance support roles, recruitment business partners and heads of departments. There is an extensive network of professionals throughout the group to support our dental nurses. For example, there is a dedicated dental nurse training team and a wider development team who organise internal training. There is also a real family-feel to our organisation. This makes individuals more comfortable to speak to others and get the support they need to thrive in their chosen career.

Seizing opportunities

You might have taken on new roles due to the pandemic, or perhaps you are simply looking to change things up. Either way, progressing in your career will help you move forward. Think about where you want to be in one, three, five years’ time and plan how you’re going to get there. With the right support and motivation, the opportunities for career development are endless.


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