A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor

My Background

When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor. My brother is a GP and my sister works as a dental implant sales representative, so I was able to get some work experience with both. I ended up falling in love with dentistry. My sister introduced me to some very talented dentists, including Michael Norton and Michael Zybutz. Watching them in practice was truly inspiring and that’s how I ended up studying dentistry at university.

Helping Patients

Having worked as a dentist for the last four years, I like being able to help patients – whether that involves improving their confidence through their smile or getting them out of pain. I particularly enjoy working with children as I find this very rewarding. The biggest challenge I face is probably helping patients overcome their dental anxiety or fears when they require treatment.

Support to Develop

I have worked with Rodericks since 2015. I like the community feel to the group and the support available through everyone from Practice Managers to Area Managers all the way up to the Directors. They are all very approachable and are invested in your progression and development in dentistry as an individual.

I have developed within the group as a clinician and as a person. I have taken on various training courses in order to develop my capabilities as a dentist and I feel like I have gained a range of skills that enable me to offer my patients more high-quality treatments. Rodericks offers a lot of subsidised courses to further our education and widen our scope of practice, advancing our careers while also improving patient services.

The patient experience is further enhanced by the commitment of my practice team to deliver the very best care. From the Practice Manager and fellow Associates to our dental nurses and reception staff, everyone works very well together, which makes coming to work really enjoyable!

The senior management team are just as keen to work closely with those in practice. I recently moved across from Winnersh to Cirencester and Alpesh and senior management have helped me settle into a new practice that fulfils all my criteria. As they know me as a dentist I think they have really succeeded in finding a practice that suits me well.

My old FD trainer once told me ‘a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’, which has stuck with me. It really does sum up certain days in dentistry – it’s the challenges that help us to grow, learn and develop, which is key to becoming a better dentist.

Kalpa Patel – Dentist at Chipping Manor Dental Practice in Cirencester.

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