Roger Green – Swapping Travel for Dentistry

I have been with Rodericks since June, although it feels like years – it’s certainly fast paced! This is the first time I have worked in the dental industry – I hadn’t even realised dental corporates existed before I saw this job vacancy.

My Previous Role

I previously worked in Commercial Finance for EasyJet and TUI/Thomson and prior to that, I learned accountancy at KPMG and Grant Thornton. I’ve been extremely fortunate with the people I’ve worked with and had the chance to learn from, but the time came to leave my comfort zone and test myself elsewhere.

I’d had one eye on the job market for a while and my interest was eventually sparked whilst walking through an airport car park in the rain, with a recruitment consultant talking me through the opportunity at Rodericks.

Moving to Dentistry

When I moved into dentistry, I was unsure what to expect from an industry that seemed so different from my past experiences. However, I have been surprised at the number of similarities between the dental and travel industries from a commercial finance point of view. I was also a little concerned that my fondness of sugar, sweets and coffee would be frowned upon within the new office – how wrong I was.

I really enjoy working with the Operations Team and other people outside of the Finance Department; that’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with people in finance, of course! I think my role involves a healthy mix of numbers and getting out of the office to see people – I particularly like working with the area managers at Rodericks, so that’s a big positive of my job for me.

What else I like about working for Rodericks

Well, you need to be able to adapt and think quickly, the impact of decisions can be seen affecting results almost immediately. There are certainly no hiding places, so everyone needs to be on the ball all the time and work together. The atmosphere in the office is good fun mixed with a healthy dose of professionalism and pressure – the sort of pressure that reminds you that you’re doing something worthwhile. Like any job, some days are exhausting, while other days are ordering pizzas in for lunch, ‘bring a cake to work day’ or socialising after work. For obvious reasons there are more pressure days than pizza days, but that’s what you expect working in an ambitious company. There are definitely enough characters in Head Office to make the odd social occasion an attractive proposition.

In addition, there are some very knowledgeable and reliable people in key positions who place an emphasis on doing things the right way, which immediately felt like the companies I’d previously worked for and aligned with my own approach to work. I also have a boss that’s happy to talk about golf, which is amazing… although he does support Liverpool, so I suppose every rainbow has its rain!

Roger Green – Commercial Finance Controller

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