Our Marketing Team

Introducing the Marketing Team:
Aman Gakhal – Marketing & Communications Manager
Paul Millar – Junior Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

As a department we like to do things a bit differently, we are always up for taking risks and being creative and that in itself is one of the reasons we love our job! For our post we wanted to put together a mini Q&A sharing a slight insight into our lives, what we do as a department and our ambitions!

Q) What are your interests and hobbies?
A) Luckily we are both quite similar, avid football fans (we even play on Tuesdays together) Aman likes his cars and Paul enjoys gaming.

Q) How do you support the Rodericks practices and departments
A) We work together to support our practices through a few different means, these include online presence of social media, SEO and all our websites. As well as Promotion of services in our practices, this can be anything from Patient Finance to Implants to Facial Aesthetics. We also work closely with the other departments throughout the business, this could be supporting our Recruitment Team at University events or helping our Acquisitions Team with new adverts for publications or websites.

Q) Any highlights of the year within the department
A) Paul – May 2018 saw Rodericks Dental make our first appearance the Dentistry Show in Birmingham, this was a great event and we were proud to be heavily involved in putting it together and be part of what was an excellent event.
Aman – This year we launched a brilliant new system for all our practice teams where they can personalise and order marketing materials online and receive them within days, we engaged a design team and launched a brand new suite of materials which is ever expanding which allows our dentists to promote all the services they provide, this includes Facial Aesthetics, Specialist treatments and much much more!

Q) What can people look forward to in 2019
A) in 2019 we aim to really take all things marketing to the next level, this is starting with our social media presence which if you follow us you will already see has really changed since mid this year, as well as this we are working on a lot of new processes to really simplify the lives of a lot of people throughout the company. These are just snippet of the things we can talk about! Exciting times ahead…

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