For Love of Food and Dentistry

I was actually due to go to a solicitors practice for work experience while I was at school, but it was changed last minute to a dental practice. Following on from this, it was a one-way path for me and I didn’t look back! If I hadn’t ended up in dentistry, I think my love of sandwiches may have led to me opening a boutique coffee shop, but it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

As a dentist, I find it very rewarding to work with anxious patients, particularly those who have had bad experiences at dental practices in the past. It can be difficult to build trust and develop a positive relationship with these patients, but it is definitely worth it in the end.

Benefits of Working for Rodericks

I joined Rodericks about six years ago, working as a locum to cover my wife’s maternity leave. I liked the group and the practice so much that I never left.

The main benefits of working for Rodericks are the flexibility afforded to all clinicians, the various opportunities for new educational pathways and job openings, and a great network of professional support. It provides a stable platform on which to lean as you develop your skills and advance your career.

Personally, I have been fully supported and actively encouraged to complete further training in areas of most interest to me. For example, I have undertaken postgraduate training in endodontics. I have also had the opportunity to work as an Educational Supervisor and FD trainer, providing new ways to utilise and progress my skills.

We have a great team at Rugby with long-standing members of staff and I regard them as close friends now. Regarding relationships with the team at Head Office, they will pop into the practice from time to time to say hello and catch up with the practice team – I’ve never had any issues contacting them when I have needed to.

Outside of dentistry, as mentioned, I love food and hope to apply for MasterChef one day! I also love spending time with my children.

Amardip Hayer – Dentist at Rugby Dental Practice

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