I am the master of my fate…

Mohammed Hafize, Dentist at Flitwick High Street Dental Practice recently spoke about choosing a career in dentistry and working for Rodericks.

I chose a career in dentistry as it is all about providing solutions to problems. I have always enjoyed working with people and I wanted to ensure that the context of my profession involved people, as opposed to say, computers. I enjoy fixing things or starting with nothing and ending up with a finished piece. Advances in dentistry allows a practitioner to combine an evidence base with a technical skill set to provide functional and cosmetic solutions that meet patients’ needs. If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d probably be working in construction as it would be hands-on.

The most rewarding aspect of being a dentist is winning a patient over, gaining their trust and providing the solution that they want. This is personally my key to success in dentistry.

I’ve worked with Rodericks now for four years. It’s strange, as I had previously found the corporate environment unappealing. However, I knew some of the Directors before I joined Rodericks, whilst in my FD year. I think leadership is important from the top down and Shalin [Mehra] was a brilliant advocate in training newly qualified dentists. It just happened that Rodericks had a suitable opening and it was time for me ‘to try them out’.

The hugest benefit of working with Rodericks is the support structure. Rodericks is always expanding and looking for fresh new ideas to make their impression within the industry. In my experience, getting in touch with many members of the management – and all the way to the top if necessary – is simple. There is a sense of an open-door policy, which I feel warmed by.

Within the practice environment, I’m very fortunate. My direct communication is normally with the Practice Manager. They have an exhaustive role and their support has been crucial for me to get on with my dentistry.

I currently offer treatments including STO, implants and smile cosmetics. Rodericks has always been supportive of putting people in the right places to help them progress. I think it’s about how far you want to go – Rodericks has, let’s say, this ‘tailwind effect’ in getting you there.

Obviously, at the centre of my world are my wife and children. We love cycling together, however, as a keen mountain biker, I’m always in search for the next trail or climb to conquer!

Any anecdotes?  Well, just like in most walks in life, only you can master your destiny. Nothing is worse than your company putting the brakes on it. There are always some difficulties to overcome in dentistry, but it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference. Rodericks has a working together approach to problems. The past four years, I have evolved so much and yet feel I could still do so much more. There aren’t any limits, just me.

– Mohammed Hafize, Dentist at Flitwick High Street



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