From the Skies to the Practice

Believe it or not, dentistry was the last thing on my mind when I was younger! I actually wanted to be an airline pilot (as any young boy wants to be). It wasn’t until later on during my GCSE years that I became interested in studying medicine.

In the end, dentistry ticked the majority of the boxes – a 9 to 5, practical job with people interaction; I could never sit behind a desk all day. 6 years later, I’ve found that I really enjoy building a rapport with patients and seeing them regularly helps to establish a trustful relationship. The most challenging aspect of the job is when you’re faced with patients who have unrealistic expectations.

I initially joined Rodericks as Foundation Dentist (FD) back in 2011 and I have remained as an Associate ever since completion of my training year. The support provided by the group has been invaluable, particularly when it comes to advancing in my career. I am currently starting to offer orthodontic treatments to my patients, plus I am undergoing training to enable me to deliver botulinum toxin injections as well – all assisted by Rodericks. In addition, I have had the opportunity to become an Education Supervisor, which involves overseeing an FD and providing any additional support and guidance that they need throughout their training.

A major component of the support available from Rodericks is training – there are many courses on offer to help you develop your knowledge and skills, often at discounted rates. Several CPD courses are held at our Support Centre in Northampton and the team there will always make an effort to come and speak to the associates. My Area Manager also attends the practice on a regular basis to get to know the team and offer help wherever they can, providing an additional source of support.

Finally, my team at Beaumont House is great – we all get on socially and we work efficiently together as a team. However, if I have learnt anything over the past six years it’s that a happy dental nurse makes your life 10 times easier and I would highly recommend making them a good cup of tea in the morning!

Niraj Devalia – Dentist at Beaumont House Dental Practice

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