Following in a Father’s Footsteps

Farah describes how she followed in her father’s footsteps into the world of dentistry.

My dad was a dentist and this was a large influence on my decision to work in dentistry myself. Like many others in the profession, I have also always been science-minded and wanted to use these skills in a practical way. After I finished my training year, I completed a year in hospital, focusing on maxillofacial surgery and then moved into general practice for a few years.

A new practice in Luton

In April 2016, I was contacted by Rodericks as they were opening a brand new practice in Luton – they asked if I’d be interested in working as a Clinical Lead for the practice.

This was an interesting time as we had to build the practice, its reputation and its patient base from scratch. We had a few open days and events during half term to attract new patients but in the end, business grew organically. As an NHS access practice open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, patients seem to really appreciate the easy access to dental care and so word has spread relatively quickly.

My role was, and still is, to manage all the clinical decisions throughout the practice, support the other dentists and deal with patient questions as and when required. I enjoy this interaction with lots of people as it provides variety in my job.

In terms of my clinical dentistry, I really like the artistic aspect. Every patient is different and constantly striving to meet patient expectations is always a challenge I enjoy. It has also been a pleasure to watch the practice grow. Seeing where it was when we started and what it has become is a testament to the hard work of our team. We rarely have any gaps in the schedule now and even if we get a cancellation or there is a 15-minute space, it fills quickly as we have so many emergency appointments.

Supported within the Rodericks Group

Working for the group, there is the added benefit that all the administration is managed for you, so you can focus solely on your patients and delivering quality care. Rodericks has always been very supportive. It’s reassuring that we have so much direct contact with senior members of staff right up to the Directors Shalin and Alpesh. I like that I can contact them if I need to; they talk to you on a personal rather than business level and value what you have to say. This was important for me in my role as Clinical Lead, as I was able to share my opinions and have a say on what changes needed to be implemented. Having that support directly from people who were able to make things happen instantly was really useful. Even now, I can speak to my Practice Manager or Area Manager with a query or suggestion. I feel like things happen quite quickly within Rodericks, as any issues are responded to instantly and resolved as quickly as possible.

Being run by professionals with clinical experience and with a sizeable number of practices within the group, Rodericks generally knows what most dentists want and what to order. If there is anything else that I genuinely need, I have only had to ask for it and it’s never been a problem for me. You also have easy access to all the essential CPD either online or during evening sessions and you are prompted when expiration dates are coming up, which is really helpful. There are also significant discounts available on additional training courses that are available throughout the year – there is no pressure to take a course because it’s only available for a limited amount of time. Rodericks is keen to make the lives of dentists easier and I think it does this very well.

Farah Hoosen – Clinical Lead at Luton House Dental Practice


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