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Sorin Campeanu describes his career so far with Rodericks Dental.

My Passion for Dentistry

I’ve always wanted to work in the healthcare industry, to help relieve people’s suffering and ease their pain. When I discovered that I also had great dexterity and a passion for physics, dentistry seemed the perfect job for me.

I have been practising dentistry in the UK for just over 11 years, following qualification in Romania. I like that for every diagnosis there are various solutions to achieve the desired result for that patient – you don’t feel like you are too restricted and it is certainly not a boring job if you do it right!

I have also developed a particular interest in Endodontics. Even now that I’ve mastered the skills, I still find it challenging as no two teeth are the same and root canal treatment always keeps my mind very alert.

The Rewards of Practising Dentistry

The most rewarding aspects of the job are when you see appreciation in your patient’s eyes, you see healing on X-rays and you are paid on time for your efforts! In contrast, I think one of the key challenges in the profession right now is the need to prioritise work in order to efficiently deliver patient care. All members of the team have many different tasks to do every day and it can feel overwhelming at times if these tasks are not effectively organised.

I believe the most important actions are provision of quality treatment, recalls, courtesy calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments, checks on equipment and professional training – anything beyond this is a bonus. Prioritising our work can help make sure we are ready for the days and weeks ahead, allowing us to provide the best care for every patient.

Rodericks Cares About Your Career

I have been working as an associate dentist at Rodericks for two years now. Rodericks is not like the other groups I have worked with. They seem to really care about you as an individual. They listen to what you have to say. They also make a conscious effort to help you better yourself, to expand your skills and achieve your targets faster and easier.

I started with the group as a general dental practitioner and after I achieved my MSc in Endodontics, I was offered the chance to work as an Endodontist in one of the referral centres within the group. That was a great opportunity for me and a great step forward for my career as an Endodontist.

I therefore currently work in two Rodericks practices, both with lovely teams and good facilities. Everybody is well trained and very professional, including the other clinicians, practice managers, dental nurses and receptionists.

I like the way the trainee dental nurses are gradually introduced into the working environment after a dental nurse supervisor has assessed them very thoroughly – they are not just thrown in the surgery to learn as they go! I think this is an effective pathway that is very productive for everybody in the practice.

I find I have little interaction with staff at Head Office because the local managers are so good at what they do. However, when communication is needed, Head Office staff and senior managers are very open and reasonable in their decisions, leading to a very constructive working relationship.

Outside of Work

Outside of my dental life, I am a member of a fencing club – I practice once a week with my son and am trying to master the Foil at the moment! I also like to walk my miniature Schnauzer, Jock, and enjoy history, football, cinema and reading.

Sorin Campeanu, Dentist at Bilborough Dental Practice | Endodontist at The Smile Centre

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