Louise Seaton Discusses the Benefits of a Career with Rodericks Dental

I think of myself as a fairly chilled and laid back person who enjoys spending time with family and friends and getting pampered when I get the time! I have been working in dentistry for nearly 16 years, during which time I have taken various management roles.

I’ve been with Rodericks for about two and a half years, starting out as an Area Manager and within a few months progressing to Private and Specialist Manager.

My Role at Rodericks

My role is to liaise with practice and area managers to find ways to grow the private aspects of their practices. We then work together to identify what needs to be done in order to make the necessary changes. It’s all about making sure we are prepared before we implement any new protocols, ensuring a smoother transition for teams on the ground.

What I Like the Most About My Job

I really like the variation that my job entails – no two days are the same! I also love the people I get to work with, including practice teams and senior level managers.

It is refreshing that even those in higher positions, all the way up to the directors, will always treat you as a person; there is no divide that creates a ‘them and us’ attitude. No matter what your role, your voice counts and senior level management will always listen to what you have to say.

It’s also great that you can have a laugh and a joke with everyone, and there is a relaxed atmosphere throughout the group that makes me feel very comfortable.

I love working for Rodericks because we all know there is a job to do, but we can have fun doing it. Head Office is friendly but focused, and there is a mutual respect between everyone there. People will go above and beyond to help you out. I enjoy the chance to go out to practices and meet lots of different people.

I always make a point of getting to know new members of staff on a personal level and will introduce myself to everyone from the front desk team to the dentists when I can. think it improves communication between practices and the Support Centre.

The Significance of My Career

For anyone out there looking to advance their career, Rodericks is a great place to do so – it just takes perseverance and confidence in yourself! Decide what you what to achieve and give yourself enough time to do it. A positive attitude will go a long way.

At least that’s what I’ve always found; not just in my professional life, but personal life too. It was positive thinking, after all, that helped me take the leap and get my beautiful dog. I had always wanted a French Bulldog and was absolutely delighted when I finally bought one with my partner in 2016. Little did we know that she was actually pregnant, so I was equally as happy and surprised when I came home one day to find baby Stella!

I also believe that good things come to those who wait – my husband and I are living proof of that. Childhood sweethearts, we split up and found each other again 4 years ago; we’ve just celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary and couldn’t be happier!

Louise Seaton, Private & Specialist Manager for Rodericks Dental

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