Building Stable Foundations

Why I Love Dentistry

It all started when I was a child, I always wanted to do something related with healthcare. Both my parents are doctors and they used to tell me how their jobs helped others in an incredibly significant way. I think the major person who influenced my decision between being a doctor or a dentist was my fabulous dentist. Going to the dentist was always entertaining and fascinating.

Dentistry is a science and an art. It makes me want to learn more every day. Besides this, you can follow up the treatment you provide and you can make a positive impact to people’s lives.

I enjoy the diversity of treatment we provide on a daily basis – it is always exciting. We also have the chance to speak with many different people.

It is very rewarding to be able to give people a new smile. We should not underestimate how this can improve confidence and make people feel better. It is also very rewarding to acknowledge when patients no longer have pain when chewing, and when we have helped to improve patient health and quality of life.

One of the main challenges is the misbelief that going to the dentist has to be painful and a last-minute resource. I think the key to gaining patients’ trust is communication. We also need to manage patient expectations and work as a team. It is important for the patient to understand that they are also responsible for the success of treatment. Before you start building a house you need good foundations. It is the same with dentistry; we have to try to change behaviours and mentalities.

Being Part of the Rodericks Family

Having worked with Rodericks for over 5 years, I have found it to be a company of dentists working with dentists; therefore, they have a better understanding of the business needs. Rodericks is a very good place to work – all the staff are very friendly and the clinical management team always support the dentists, so you always feel like part of the family. The Head Office and the Senior Management Team always listen to our feedback and are willing to support us during our professional journeys. The fact that the company is led by dentists helps with the overall management too. Further still, there is outstanding teamwork at our practice thanks to a great group of people and clear communication between us.

When I started working for Rodericks I was a general dentist with several years of experience. I have benefited from CPD, as part of our on-going improvement of professional knowledge and skills. A few years after I settled into the practice, I became interested in being an Educational Supervisor and was able to become one. This allows me to be directly involved in assisting new graduates at the beginning of their careers. It’s very rewarding to see the progress made by our foundation dentists.

Meanwhile, I have also completed an MSc in Dental Implantology at the University of Manchester. It wasn’t easy to combine a full-time job and family life during the course, but implants are a passion of mine. Now that I am fully qualified, I have added an extra care service within our dental practice.

Outside of dentistry, I enjoy long distance running and I have already completed a few half marathons. My next goal is to run a full marathon! I also love to spend family time with my husband and with our little baby.

Nadia Duarte – Dentist & FD Trainer at Amber Valley Dental Practice

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