Bringing Rock ’n’ Roll to Dentistry

I chose a career in dentistry as it’s a great marriage of all the things I loved at school and growing up. It’s a scientific job, but it requires manual dexterity and really good communication skills.

The Advantages of Working for Rodericks

I joined Rodericks in late 2011, initially doing four days at Quedgeley House and a day at the Cheltenham practice. Working for the group has many advantages. Firstly, we work a shift pattern, which means that I have time during the working week to do jobs around the house like talking the dog for a walk or completing CPD (and playing the guitar REALLY loudly when everyone else it at work!). Secondly, the fact that all the clinicians are of an equal standing really helps us to be an open practice where we can ask for advice from other dentists whenever we need to.

During my time with Rodericks I’ve been able to expand my professional horizons; I’ve long wanted to be an Educational Supervisor and Rodericks has supported me in my ambition – I am now on my third year of this role. It was invaluable to be able to draw on the experience of other practices within the group, particularly when we where setting up for the first year. Further developing my skills, I’m about to embark on a dental implant training course, once again with the encouragement and support of Rodericks.

The Team

We have a great team here at Quedgeley House, from our practice manager Laura, to the new trainee dental nurses and receptionists. The dentists have a great working relationship, allowing us to discuss cases and interests. Plus, I obviously can’t forget my FD, James, who’s had a great start to the year!

My Passion

I love what I do, but if I wasn’t doing dentistry I would have either been on a building site as the third generation in Construction Work and Plant Hire, or be the lead guitarist and singer of a kick-ass rock band. My huge passion outside of dentistry is music. I’m the lead singer and guitarist of The Desperados, and I have had a solo career under the name Ed Blake, releasing music on iTunes and Spotify for both acts. I also curate a monthly evening to showcase local songwriting talent called The Cheltenham Songwriters Guild.

In addition to my music, I’m looking forward to getting married in the middle of next year – I love spending time with my future wife and my children, as well as our miniature Schnauzer, Colin.

I think we stand on the edge of a huge change in dentistry right now in terms of a new NHS contract and I think a move towards treatment outside of NHS arrangements is inevitable. I believe high quality care is based on giving patients options, so such schemes will be of benefit to everyone. I also think attention to detail in all clinical work and the adoption of an effective patient journey both contribute to the delivery of excellent patient care.

Blake Sanders – Dentist at Quedgeley House Dental Practice

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