My Apprenticeship Placement at Rodericks Dental

For National Apprenticeship Week we have undertook a Q&A with Paul Millar, our Junior Digital Marketing Co-ordinator about his apprenticeship here at Rodericks Dental and staying on full time after qualifying.

When did you start your apprenticeship and why an apprenticeship?

In November 2015 I started my apprenticeship with Rodericks Dental. After a year working here at Head Office I qualified in November 2016 and was offered a permanent position as Junior Digital Marketing Co-ordinator. I wanted to go straight into work as opposed to further/higher education as it was important for me to find something with opportunities to progress my personal development and career. With an apprenticeship, I felt there is great on the job training and that I could directly see results in the work I do.

How important was finding the right apprenticeship and how was the process?

When searching for an apprenticeship with my provider at the time I was able to tell them what my skills are, what my interests are, and what I wanted to learn. They then were able to match me with potential employers. Similarly, employers would provide what they are looking for in an apprentice. I was told about a job role with Rodericks and it seemed the perfect match for me, so my CV was sent through. After Rodericks saw my CV, they invited me down for an interview which I was then offered the role of Marketing Assistant Apprentice.

About your apprenticeship with Rodericks

For me having coursework to do for my apprenticeship and my first ever full time job was initially difficult, however Rodericks supported me with advice and my coursework as well as giving me time to balance my coursework with the job itself. I was slowly introduced to my position and my responsibilities within the company; this helped me get used to an office environment and didn’t put too much pressure on me, which helped me succeed in the role. Visiting practices and learning about how each department within Head Office support our practices really gave me a good understanding about how important my work.

Staying on Full Time and why

It was a great feeling to complete my apprenticeship and gain a qualification, the bonus for me was that my hard work and dedication lead to Rodericks offering me a full time position. The year of my apprenticeship really set me up to learn about ‘the real world’ and within Rodericks see opportunities for progression, this meant staying on was a no brainer.

Would you recommend apprenticeships?

Absolutely! For me personally further education was not of interest, I just wanted to work however, I felt an apprenticeship was perfect to set me up for a potential career and so far this has worked out! I feel with an apprenticeship you are eased in and nurtured into the work place, I was 17 when I started and it was fair to say I was shy and lacked confidence, in comparison I now feel confident and feel I have an important role to play within the company.

Paul Millar – Junior Digital Marketing Co-ordinator for Rodericks Dental

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