Always Opportunity for Development

Rebecca Bird from our Acquisitions Team highlights the great Opportunities for growth with Rodericks.

My Career Development

Since completing my Business Management degree at university, I have worked in a number of industries, but working at Rodericks saw me take my first role in dentistry.

When I learnt that I was accepted for the position of Acquisitions Coordinator I was looking forward to working with Rodericks, as the position provided an opportunity to really utilise my skill set. Despite not having worked in dentistry before this did not seem to be an issue for Rodericks. They were more than happy to provide all the industry-specific training I would need to get up to speed in the role, and there were plenty of chances to learn from the people around me, demonstrating Rodericks’ great teamwork.

As my only interaction with dentistry in the past was visiting my dentist for check-ups, the professional world fascinated me. It was intriguing to learn about the multifaceted nature of the profession, including contract structures, compliance regulations and other aspects that kept a practice running day to day. Only then did I really appreciate the complexities of the dental industry. I quickly became particularly interested in the legal aspect, which is what steered my natural career progression over the next few years. I was taken under the wing of the resident lawyer, and shown the ropes before taking on some of the legal responsibilities myself when I was ready.

Challenge and Diversity

Now, every day of my job is diverse and the challenge this presents is what I enjoy most about my role. You have to adapt to new, unforeseeable situations all the time. Many of the practices acquired by Rodericks have been built up by principals who have their own quirky way of doing things and it’s up to us to tailor our approach in order to provide the unique support needed by each seller we work with. We have a very diverse team and it is a great strength that everyone is willing to go above and beyond to help each other and get things done the right way.

Ultimately, we are all working towards the same goals – delivering quality patient care. Everyone within Rodericks is willing to teach others about their job role so that we can diversify our understanding and become more dynamic in the way we work together – this is an approach I particularly love about Rodericks as it demonstrates the respect we have for each other.

Opportunities to Fulfil my Potential

As for our senior management team at Rodericks, they listen to what your personal ambitions are and then strive to help us achieve them. They will help nurture your skills and with time, you can fulfil your potential. There is a real opportunity to develop when you believe in yourself and learn from the people around you. It is a brilliant place to work and I am always excited to see what the day will bring!

Outside of work, I am a keen baker and love sharing bakes with my friends, family and the Rodericks office for everyone to enjoy.

Rebecca Bird – Acquisitions and Tender Coordinator

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