Our Testimonials

When you have made the decision to sell your practice, you want to know what people in a similar situation thought of their experience.

Please see a selection of our testimonials from those who have experienced a Rodericks Acquisition from both a sellers and team members perspective.

Navdip Sandhu BDS Lond 1998
Seller of Winnersh Dental Practice

Following a few years of successful growth, the practice was becoming quite unmanageable for a single person to run. There always seemed to be more and more to do in the office, with increased paperwork and admin processes, and it was becoming difficult to maintain the pace while still seeing patients. Owing to the success of the business, the logical solution was to sell.

When the practice went on the market, I was delighted to receive interest from many people, which afforded me the chance to ensure I sold to the right person. One of my main concerns was that I wanted the buyer to continue our commitment to the NHS. I had been fortunate in the amount of support offered by the local community when I initially established the practice, because we were offering NHS services. I felt like I owed it to the community to ensure their continued access to NHS dentistry.

Despite several offers brought to the table from various different individuals and groups, I ultimately decided to sell to Rodericks. There were several reasons for choosing this group. For a start, we were originally a training practice and as this is was something I enjoyed, I was very interested continuing this aspect if possible. I knew many practices within the Rodericks group were not only training practices themselves – which alone stood testament for the group’s compliance with correct procedures and protocols – but also that they met high standards.

Secondly, I had the opportunity to meet with several people among the group’s management and practice teams. Unlike some other corporate’s that approached me, Rodericks were more than happy for me to visit any of their local practices, giving me complete freedom to talk to all members of staff from the dental nurses to the dentists. Everyone I met was very open, which made it clear that they had nothing to hide – this was reassuring while considering whether to invite them into my own practice.

Once the decision was made to go through with the sale, Rodericks provided support wherever possible to help ensure a smooth transaction. During the due diligence process, I went to meet with the acquisitions team and their solicitor to identify any outstanding items, and new lists were sent promptly.

A member of their Head Office team, Mark Walker, even came to visit my practice to offer advice on any aspects of the paperwork my manager and I weren’t sure about. This was even more helpful than speaking to the solicitors, as he of course understood how the dental practice worked and was able to explain things in language we understood. Rodericks remained very approachable throughout the transaction – we had very open negotiations regarding price and my salary, and I was comfortable discussing what I was looking for and why.

Since Rodericks took the practice over, I have been impressed with how the practice has been driven forward so quickly and efficiently. The management team is brilliant, everything is super organised and new staff have been brought in so that every hygienist works alongside their own dental nurse. Taking what we started and taking it to the next level, Rodericks is clearly a well-oiled machine!

Based on my recent experience, I would also recommend selling to and working with Rodericks if the opportunity arises. They have made the whole process as efficient as possible and I have been able to get back to the actual dentistry. It’s also really comforting to know that we are no longer a single practice on our own – we are part of a team with lots of support around us whenever we need it.

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Phil Loughnane BDS Manc 1993 DPDS Brist 1998
Seller of Chipping Manor Dental Practices

We sold our group of practices in September 2015 after meeting Shalin Mehra and his team and being impressed by the company.

The Rodericks team negotiated promptly allowing us to achieve a sale price very close to our valuation. They facilitated the due-diligence process which was time consuming but kept on track by the experienced team handling the process. If we had any queries they would be answered promptly.

Everything was handled confidentially until we were ready to inform our teams about the sale and soon after, a member of the Rodericks team visited to assure them about the company and the transition. One of our nurses is now a Practice Manager as Rodericks like to have a Manager at every site taking care of business and compliance.

We feel the professional Acquisitions Team at Rodericks have sensitively managed the change of ownership process. I am now free to enjoy my clinical dentistry unfettered by the regulatory & administrative burden of running a practice.

In addition I have taken on a training role with the company which allows me to provide support and help our dentists develop – as a FD trainer of many years I continue to enjoy giving something back to the profession and providing a helping hand where needed. I have also delivered CPD training at the Support Centre in Northampton which I have found a positive and enjoyable experience. I didn’t have the time to do this before selling our practices.

We are now part of a well-run group centred on delivering high quality patient care. I have been able to maintain my clinical hours with no disturbance to the care of my patients, but now like every other associate, I go home with a clear head knowing the worries of the business are not my responsibility.

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Team Members
Richard Stewart
Associate at Victoria House Dental Practice

“A couple of years ago, Rodericks took over the practice I’ve worked at for over 10 years. Since then, I have been able to try new things and progress my career in ways I hadn’t thought about before.”

Richard Stewart, Associate at Victoria House in Loughborough, discusses the new opportunities that became available to him when the practice he worked at joined the Rodericks Dental Group. He continues:

“For example, I currently mentor two dentists in their respective PLVE years (formerly DFTQ). In addition, alongside my full-time UDA commitments, I am able to spend time with the Recruitment Team as a Recruitment Advisor. This role involves interviewing potential new dentists for the group.

“I have found both these new endeavours to be really rewarding and I am sure there will be more opportunities to come with Rodericks in the future.

“For anyone who might be facing a similar situation, I would advise that if you can embrace the initial transition stage and all the inevitable changes that come with it, then you’ll discover all kinds of opportunities that you might not have previously considered. Rodericks is a great group to work for.”

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Deborah Lynne Jefferson
Practice Manager at Burnham House Dental Practice

Before the acquisition, I was employed as a dental nurse. It was only after Rodericks came into the equation that I was promoted to practice manager, and I haven’t looked back since. Funnily enough, it wasn’t actually part of my career plan to become a practice manager, as I had intended to go into NVQ assessing and training. However, when the position came up and my district manager suggested that I apply, I knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. And I must say, I absolutely love it!

Ever since I took the job the support has been amazing, especially with the managerial aspect of the role, which I had less experience in; I can’t fault the process whatsoever. In fact, I think internal recruitment and training is one of Rodericks’ greatest strengths, partly because of its attitude towards ‘home grown talent’, but also because it understands the importance of continuing professional development and career progression. The opportunities available are growing all the time. It’s always been good, but in the two years I’ve been working for Rodericks, there have been several courses introduced to help us deliver an even higher standard of patient care. It truly is an amazing company to work for.

Unnecessary concerns

Before the transition, I was very nervous about moving over to a bigger company. It was only after Mark Walker, Corporate Services Manager, visited the practice to tell us about the company and how it works that I was able to see how positive the acquisition was going to be. I remember being particularly pleased at the time to hear of the clinical backgrounds and experience of the directors, because it’s not too often that you have the pleasure of a clinical board. With regard to patients there was very little disruption during the transition, and they were all informed about a month before completion to give them time to adjust to the change.

Altogether, the four-month transition period went extremely smoothly for my team and I, thanks to the support of Rodericks and our district manager at the time. Right from the beginning it was very clear that the group takes a unique approach to acquisitions, and that the team genuinely cares about its staff as much as the patients.

The perks

Fast forward two years and I have no concerns at all. The training is much better with Rodericks, there’s far more support available, and the managerial hierarchy is considerably better organised – not just at board level but on the ground within the practices too. It’s not generic like some corporate practices either. The internal policies and procedures may have changed – for the better might I add – but the atmosphere is still very much the same as before and we are still a small town, family-friendly practice as far as our patients are concerned.

If you were to ask me which policies and protocols have been improved exactly, I’d have to say all of them – the transformation has been extensive to say the least. We’re also now paperless and all the surgeries have been updated so the service we offer is much more efficient. Our area monthly meetings help us to stay up to date too and we receive a bulletin every week of ‘what’s happening now’, which facilitates communication between head office and ourselves.

To any practice currently undergoing or due to undergo an acquisition by Rodericks, then, I would say not to worry – you’re in good hands.

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