Learning & Development Manager Vacancy in Northampton

Posted 3 weeks ago

Job Title                       Learning & Development Manager

Location                       Northampton

Department                   Clinical and Training

Period of Contract        12/14 Months Maternity Cover

Accountable To           Clinical Director

Hours of Work             Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

Annual Salary              £31,000


About Rodericks

Rodericks is a leading provider of NHS, private and specialist dental services and owns 70+ practices in England and Wales. The business is headquartered in Northampton and employs more than 750 people. Rodericks is differentiated in the UK market as the largest dental business which is managed by dentists. This ensures that the company has a strong clinical culture with first class treatment of patients at its core. In September 2017, CBPE Capital announced its investment in Rodericks to support management’s growth plan which focusses on continuously improving the high quality of care provided to patients, increasing the number of practices within the Rodericks group and broadening the range of dental services offered.

In December 2014 Rodericks Ltd were recognised in the top 25 fastest growing independent companies in the UK healthcare sector.

Purpose of the Post

This is a 12 to 14 month maternity cover managing the Learning & Development needs of a fast growing corporate. They will be responsible for taking forward projects already in motion and also developing & implementing projects in line with the business strategies. As a business we aim to offer a comprehensive CPD calendar to all our staff and varied opportunities for staff to develop. The L&D Manager plays a vital part in developing this offering and being involved in the strategic planning for future development and growth.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Keep their knowledge of industry changes up to date e.g. General Dental Council, Care Quality Commission
  • To design and deliver training and development programmes across the business which will include a range of mandatory / optional and people management training
  • Maintaining & update learning materials to a high and consistent standard
  • Work with the Clinical Director to develop strategies for Learning & Development across the business
  • Produce Communications to keep all members of the Clinical and Training Team up to date with business performance, development and changes
  • Produce Communications for the company bulletin to keep estate up to date with Learning and Development changes or clinical up dates
  • Working with the Clinical Director on educational programme already established in the business for key group
  • Complete annual appraisals with the team
  • Produce reports for the board of director on KPI’s
  • Keep knowledge of the Copdend standards up to date
  • Managing the Digital Account System for all Levy and Apprenticeship payments, produce monthly reports on this for the Clinical Director


  • Overseeing the performance of the Clinical and Training administrator and National Field Based Training Manager
  • Ensuring the company is fully complying with the GDC standards
  • Ensure all core Continual Professional Development is completed by Dentists joining the business
  • Ensure ongoing mandatory Continual Profession Development is compliant with all staff across the business including refreshers.
  • Having visibility of inductions for all staff to be able to effectively report this to the Board of Directors
  • That all training programs run within the business are compliant with Copdend Standards

Targets / Projects for the duration of the contract

  • Lead the development of a framework to support and grow the skills of our current Area Management team. Focusing on people and performance management skills & coaching and mentoring skills
  • Work with the Operations Manager to take the project of developing our reception team forward ensuring any roll out can be measured for success
  • Work with the National Field Based Training Manager and the Clinical Director to take forward the project of building a framework of workshops available to the Practice Managers & Field based support staff. These workshops need to cover both process, skills and behaviours in managing their practice, people and patients
  • Work with the HR manager to assess the current skill set within the business and identify gaps or development areas (this will include field and support centre staff). Plan and cost an L&D strategy to both utilise existing skills and develop skills required for the businesses overall success


Undertake any reasonable duties allocated by the Clinical Director and Clinical and Contract Manager. The job holder will also be involved in working with the team to implement key processes and procedures which will enable improvements to the recruitment practices.

Comply with general managerial responsibility for ensuring all policies and procedures are implemented and applied effectively.

Important Note


This job description is intended to serve as a guide to the responsibilities of the post of the Training Manager It is expected that responsibilities will need to be reviewed, as the organisation matures and in light of experience, in order to ensure compatibility with other roles and responsibilities, and to reflect changing circumstances.

Any proposed changes will be discussed with the post holder.